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Chloe gets a room makeover! ... Early this fall I had the opportunity to surprise Chloe for her birthday. Chloe’s bedroom had beautiful furniture in it, I know, because I sold it to her parents several years back. A black leather king sleigh bed with rustic contemporary environment dresser and nightstands. Cool for adults, but not for a young girl that likes pretty things. I wish I had a picture of the room with all the furniture crammed in, but this will have to do: ...READ MORE
Andrea Damiano 05-Dec-2014
This week I thought I’d share some pictures from Mr & Mrs M’s in the Colony. Ah, the Colony, where the homes are big and the views bigger. So beautiful, and you’re almost guaranteed to see a little Bambi on your drive up the hill. This home was in the Luxury home tour on Saturday August 9th, 2014. The money made from ticket sales goes to charity, in this case the Peace House in Park City, Utah. ...READ MORE
Andrea Damiano 31-Aug-2014
What happens in Vegas....does not stay in Vegas. Ridiculous. I’m going to tell you everything. Yep, everything I can remember anyway. I’m not going to lie, but the details are a little blurry. So much eye candy. I can’t promise I will remember all the juicy details....but let me start with this. My feet are still killing me two weeks later. Twice a year, July and January, I hop on a SWA flight and can hardly contain my excitement. I. Love. Market. ...READ MORE
Andrea Damiano 18-Aug-2014
Maison & Objet, two words I had never heard of before January 2014. We had been living in Italy since September 2013, (the hubs was working there, I know, poor me). I decided to take my kids to Paris mid January. ...READ MORE
Andrea Damiano 31-Jul-2014
Sometimes just any old headboard won’t do. Maybe it’s a budget issue or maybe you just found the perfect vintage door and want to stencil MR & MRS
on it and call it good. I’ve seen pictures used as headboards, maps, framed record albums , rugs, cowhides, shutters, you name it. This is not about right or wrong, but more what makes you happy and fits your style. ...READ MORE
Andrea Damiano 21-Jul-2014